In the following section, we will list a few Korean terms that you will frequently hear and are used in the studio. We practice a traditional Korean martial art and the following commands will be used in class.






  1. General Terminology

Tang Soo Do: The art we are studying
Moo Duk Kwan: Name of the Style (organization or school)
Chong Jae Nim :  Great Grandmaster – (Tong Mun Kim)
Kwang Jahng Nim: Grandmaster – (Tong Hwan Kim)
Sah Bom Nim: Master Instructor
Sun Beh: Senior member (or higher rank)
Foo Beh: Junior member (or lower rank)
Dan: Degree – Black or Midnight Blue Belt Holder
Gup: Grade – Color Belt under Dan
Ko Dan Jah: Senior Dan holder (Master)
You Dan Jah: Dan holder
Kwan Weon: Student member

Do-Jahng: Training hall or studio. Place of training
Do-Bohk: Training Suit (uniform)
Dee: Belt

Kook Kee: Korean Flag – National Flag of Korea
Kwan Kee: School Flag
Gi Cho: Basic
Hyung: Form
Dae Ryun: Sparring
Ho Shin Sool: Self Defense
Soo Kee: Hand Techniques
Jok Kee: Foot Techniques
Mahk Kee: Block
Kong Kyuck: Attack (Strike)
Hah Dan: Low part
Choong Dan: Middle part
Sahng Dan: High part

Ahp: Font
Yup: Side
Dwi: Back (To the rear)

Cha Gi: Kick
Kee Hahp: Yell
Shi Sun: Focus of eyes or direction of sight
Choong Shim: Balance

O Run Juk: Right
Wen Jok: Left

  1. Basic Stances

Choon Be Jah Seh: Ready Stance
Chun Gul Jah Seh: Font Stance
Foo Gul Jah Seh: Back Stance
Kee Mah Jah Seh: Horse Riding Stance
Sah Ko Rip Jah Seh: Side Stance

  1. Commands in Training

Koo Ryung: Count
Koo Ryung E Maht Cheuseo Seo: By the count
Koo Ryung Up Shi: Without the count or by your own pace (speed)

Cha Ryut: Attention
Kyung Ret: Bow
Choon Bee: Ready Stance
Shi-Jahk: Begin (start)
Bah-Ro: Stop, Finish, Return
Shio: Relax (Rest Stance)
Tora: Turn
Dwee Ro Tora: Turn to the rear
Bahl Cha Ki Choon Bee: Ready to kick / Kicking position

  1. Counting

Hah Nah: One
Dool: Two
Seht: Three
Neht: Four
Dah Suht: Five
Yuh Suht: Six
El Goop: Seven
Yuh Dull: Eight
Ah-Hope: Nine
Yohl: Ten

  1. Commands in Starting and Closing Class

Cha Ryut: Attention
Kuk Kee Bah Reh: Salute the flags
Bah Ro: Return
Ahn Jeo: Sit
Muk Nyum: Meditation (or reflection time)
Bah Ro: Return
El Eo Suh: Stand up
Cha Ryut: Attention
Sah Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ryet: Bow to Master Instructor or Teacher
Sahng Ho Kam E Kyung Ryet: Bow to partner in training
Shim Sah Kwan Nim Kay Kyung Ryet: Bow to Examiner (or bow to testing panel)

  1. Basic Movements

Hand: (Soo Gi)
Hah Dan Mahk Kee: Low Block
Choong Dan Kong Kuck: Middle Punch
Sahng Dahn Kong Kuck: High Punch
Sahng Dahn Mahk Kee: High Block
Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Kee: Inside to Outside Block
Phakeso Ahneso Ro Mahk Kee: Outside to Inside Block
Wheng Jun Kong Kuck: Side Punch
Yup Mahk Kee: Side Block
Hah Dahn Soo Do Mahk Kee: Low Knife Hand Block
Choong Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee: Middle Knife Hand Block
Sahng Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee: High Knife Hand Block
Yuhk Soo Kong Kuck: Defense Punch
Ssang Soo Hah Dahn Mahk Kee: Two Fist Low Block
Ssang Soo Chun Kool Mahk Kee: Two Fist Middle Block
Ssang Soo Foo Kool Mahk Kee: Two Fist Side Block
Ssan Soo Sahng Dahn Mahk Kee: Two First High Block
Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck: Spear hand strike
Yuk Jin Kong Kyuck: Reverse Punch, Back Stance

Kicking (Cha Gi)

Ahp Podo Oll Ri Gi: Front Stretch Kick
Ahp Cha Nut Gi: Front Snap Kick
Yup Cha Gi: Side Hick
Yup Podo Oll Ri Gi: Side Stretch Kick
Dull Ryo Cha Gi: Round House Kick
Dwi Cha Gi: Back Kick (Mule Kick / Straight back kick)
Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi: Spinning Back Kick
Ahneso Phaku Ro Cha Gi: Inside to Outside Cresent Kick
Phakeso Ahnuro Cha Gi : Outside to Inside Cresent Kick
Yup Hu Ri Cha Gi: Front push kick
Moo Roop Cha Gi: Knee Kick (Knee Strike)

Jumping Kicks (E-Dan)

E-Dan Ahp Cha Gi: Jump Front Kick
E-Dan Yup Cha Gi: Jump Side Kick
E-Dan Dollya Cha Gi: Jump Roundhouse Kick
E-Dan Dwi Cha Gi: Jump Spinning Back Kick
E-Dan Dwi Dollyo Cha Gi: Jump Back Roundhouse Kick

  1. Sparring

El Soo Sik Deh Ryung: One-Step Sparring with partner
Jah Yu Deh Ryun: Free-Sparring
Dah Soo In Deh Ryun: Sparring against more than one opponent

  1. Anatomy

Pahl: Arm
In Choong: Between Mouth and Nose
Bahl: Foot
Hur Ri: Waist
Dah Ri: Leg
Pahl Coop: Elbow
Moo Roop: Knee
Dahn Jeon: Abdomen (Lower Belly or Abdomen)
Tuck: Chin
Myung Chi: Solar Plexus
Ko Whan: Groin

  1. Courtesy and Etiquette

An’nyoung Ha Sip Ni Ka: Hello
Kahm Sa Ham Ni Da: Thank You Sir
Chun Mhan Eh Yo: You’re Welcome

Nim: Term of Respect (Similar to Sir or Mam)